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3 Pueblos Company

3 Pueblos Company is the union of producers of mescal from Zacatecas, one State in Mexico. Agave fields with which the mescal is produced are located in the provinces of Mezquital del Oro, Teul and Trinidad García de la Cadena, better known as 3 pueblos (towns).

When we create the company all of us were committed and decided to develop a unique mescal most of us have been growing in the agave´s fields and making mescal with our parents.

We have some distilleries in these places but our principal distillery is in the 70 kilometer of the highway going to Zacatecas.

Our production of mescal is certified by Don Guadalupe Castro, he is our master mescalier, since he was a boy, he was very interested in plants of agave and also in the distillation process.




3 Pueblos Mescal

"With the Sky of Zacatecas, the only thing missing is the sea". You can experience the truth of this old proverb, when you are in the middle of the agave´s fields and look up and let your eyes linger on the breathtaking beauty of a clear blue sky.

This is the magical sky that illuminates the fertile soil of Mezquital , Teul and Trinidad to bring out the agave blessed in his veins leading mezcal .

These provinces are part of Tlaltenango Canyon, in the south of Zacatecas and together form the 3 Pueblos or towns.



Kilometro 70 Mescal

At kilometer 70 of Zacatecas to Mezquital we found an ancient factory production, the villagers said that production started many years ago, telling stories prior to colonial Mexico. Gold was found in mineral form, but now we find gold in plant form, that is Agave-Mezcal.

When testing this spiritual drink your senses will intensify and you will be in love with this ancestral drink.





Zacatecas Mescal Production

Zacatecas is one of the 32 states in Mexico. Zacatecas is well known by mining, colonial architecture and his mescal. It´s located in the middle of the country, between Jalisco and Monterrey.

Zacatecas was inhabited by Caxcanes, Guachichiles and Zacatecas, indigenous groups that were Mezcal consumers, this drink was popular for ritual use, from Mexico to Guatemala and El Salvador. There are mescal ovens in some places like Guachimontones, Jalisco; La Quemada, Zacatecas and Comala, Colima.

During the colonial era in Mexico, many estates (haciendas) were built in the Zacatecas region, some of which were distinguished by producing mescal. There are in the region of pines, some still in operation to this day.

After Independence of Mexico, some people were established near to the rivers and streams and they were producing mescal, and they were called as stream people (arroyeros). Artisanal Mezcal producers who carried out their activities on the banks of streams for use in the process and play the undeniable gift from the gods, having to his credit hundreds of years of uninterrupted production of Mezcal.

Following this tradition, mescal 3 Pueblos; born as a product of history, quality and exclusiveness.




About us


"Distribute and market the mezcal from Zacatecas always exceeding the expectations of consumers and customers in a flexible and timely, by the most talented, integral, passionate and efficient team."



"Being a leader nationally in the development and marketing of mezcal, known for the excellent quality of the products it sells and the provision of timely and efficient service to all customers"



Excellence, we develop and market the mezcal optimally reaching very high standards to achieve a drink of incomparable excellence.

Commitment goes beyond meeting a product is put into play our ability to push through all that is entrusted to us.

Passion, make our mezcal with a feeling of complete satisfaction that we make first-rate products, so much so that we always repeat, it is to feel an indescribable degree of happiness and pleasure in doing so.

Integrity, our actions are consistent with our conscience, to our customers, suppliers and strategic partners. Our life is consistent with our highest state of consciousness.

Quality, we satisfy the requirements of our customers and exceed their expectations. The attitude we have towards our products makes us continuously improve.


Innovation, we improve our business model every day, and if necessary, made great organizational, productive or technological changes with the sole aim of being more efficient. Innovation is one of the cornerstones of our success. Research and development are key elements of our business strategy